Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill

Kosmayer Enterprises owns three Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill Franchises, two of which will be opening soon.

“Both Dan and I are extremely happy with the outcome of these recent acquisitions,” commented David Kosmayer. “The Turtle Jack’s franchise is a tremendous product that we know will do enormously well.”

The Brampton franchise, on Fletcher’s Creek Boulevard, is thriving. The Mississauga and Burlington restaurants are expected to do equally as well once they open on May 15th and July 1st of 2010 respectively.

Established in 1992, Turtle Jack’s offers a superior yet relaxed dining experience, and features a wide selection of freshly prepared foods. The rustic ambiance is reminiscent of a log cabin getaway and is ideal for both family and friends.

“The cottage lifestyle is an institution in Southern Ontario,” Dan commented when asked about why he and David choose this particular restaurant chain. “People that live in the Greater Toronto Area love going up North and getting back to the basics; that being said, GTA people also love their sports, and especially their modern sports bars complete with big flat-screen televisions. Turtle Jack’s is the best of both worlds, bringing together rural comfort and city excitement.”

“And the food is fantastic,” David added. “Word is definitely getting around about our award winning ribs and Corona nights.”

Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill brands itself as being “The Best Kept Secret,” but it may have to change this line as its expansion and success make the chain synonymous with bustling lunches and dinners, and exhilarating game nights.

The restaurant chain has also seen itself become a premium offering, re-inventing itself into a high quality entertainment, food and beverage destination, while still maintaining its great value and Muskoka charm.

Kosmayer Enterprises is proud to play a major part in this continuing success story.

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